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20 Yard Dumpster

Our 20 Yard Dumpster is used for Mid Size Garage/House Cleanouts, Construction Projects. 

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18ft long, 8ft wide, 4ft deep


Holds up to 8 standard pickup truck loads

Used for: 

  • Dirt, Concrete, Dry Wall, Wood and Construction Projects.

  • Roofing, Flooring, Dry Wall, Household trash, Tree Trimming, Yard Waste, Home Renovations etc.

  • ​Any Electronic Item & Tires will cost extra.

Not Allowed:

  • Any Electronic Item & Tires.

  • Paint, Oil, grease, anything toxic, corrosive, combustible, hazardous, ignitable materials.

  • If anything mentioned above found in the dumpster upon pickup, customer will be responsible for extra fee.

  • Overfilling the dumpster is not allowed. Trash should be leveled with the dumpster walls.

Our Price Includes:

  • Delivery, Pickup & Disposal

  • 14 Days Rental

  • No Weight Limit (For Dirt & Concrete)

  • 4 Tons Weight Limit (For Household Trash)

No Limit is based on legal DoT Max. of 10 Tons

Whether you are renovating your commercial space in Dallas and Fort Worth Area (DFW), TX or cleaning up your house, you can get the ideal roll off dumpster with us. You will know exactly how much money to set aside for cleanup because we charge a fair price for each of our roll-off containers. And if you're unsure of the best size for your debris, our professionals will make a suggestion for you. To hire a dumpster in Dallas and Fort Worth Area (DFW), TX that fits your needs and your job, call (469) 571-8876. Your priorities become our priorities when you work with us. We are more than simply a dumpster rental company, after all. You can rely on us as a partner to take your project through to completion.

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